UPPSC Agriculture Services Syllabus

UPPSC Agriculture Services Syllabus:- Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission (UPPSC) has provided the UPPSC Agriculture Services syllabus 2021 for all exams to be held for the recruitment of various posts under the Agricultural Services. The aspirants can download the UPPSC Agriculture Services syllabus from the official website of the Commission.

UPPSC Agriculture Services Syllabus 2021

The UPPSC Agriculture Services syllabus for each post that is listed under is different for the optional subject. The preliminary exam has a common syllabus for all posts as it includes the general subjects of General Studies and Agriculture. Refer to the table below to know the major topics included in the UPPSC Agriculture Services syllabus 2021.

UPPSC Agriculture Services General Studies Syllabus

No.-1. General science

No.-2. History of india

No.-3. Indian national movement

No.-4. Indian policy, economy and culture

No.-5. Indian agriculture, commerce, and trade

No.-6. Indian and Uttar Pradesh geography and natural resources

No.-7. Current national and international events

No.-8. Logic and reasoning based on general intelligence

No.-9. Arithmetic

No.-10. Algebra

No.-11. Geometry

No.-12. Ecology and environment

No.-13. Education, culture, agriculture, industry trade, living and social traditions of Uttar Pradesh.

UPPSC Agriculture Services Agriculture Syllabus

No.-1. Crop Distribution and production

No.-2. Cropping patterns in Uttar Pradesh

No.-3. Sustainable crop production

No.-4. Production of important cereals, pulses, oilseeds, fibres, and other cash crops

No.-5. Agroforestry and social forestry

No.-6. Weed and their classification

No.-7. Classification of Indian soil

No.-8. Constituents of soil

No.-9. Problems with soil

No.-10. Essential plant nutrients

No.-11. Symbiotic and non-symbiotic nitrogen fixation

No.-12. Soil conservation

No.-13. Irrigation and drainage

No.-14. Farm management

No.-15. Organic farming

No.-16. Agricultural economy

No.-17. Agricultural extensions and programs

No.-18. Farm mechanisation

No.-19. Heredity and variation

No.-20. Hybridization

No.-21. Seed organisation

No.-22. Physiology and significance of agriculture

No.-23. Photosynthesis

No.-24. Plant growth management

No.-25. Climate requirements

No.-26. Diseases management

No.-27. Food production and consumption trends in India

No.-28.  Distribution of crop production

No.-29. Know more about UPPSC Agriculture Services Admit Card here.

UPPSC Agriculture Services Mains Exam Syllabus

UPPSC Agriculture Services General Hindi and Essay Syllabus

No.-1. Reading comprehension

No.-2. Vocabulary

No.-3. Idioms

No.-4. Translation from Hindi to English and vice versa

No.-5. Literature and culture

No.-6. Agriculture and business

No.-7. Science and environment

No.-8. National and international events of importance

UPPSC Agriculture Services District Horticulture Officer Syllabus

No.-1. Agro Climatic Zones of UP and India

No.-2. Scopes of Agricultural Meteorology

No.-3. Global warming and its reasons

No.-4. Integrated Farming System, Scopes and Importance

No.-5. Integrated nutrient management

No.-6. Importance of Fruits and Vegetables in Human Nutrition

UPPSC Agriculture Services Concepts of Organic Farming Syllabus

No.-1. Cultivation of Fruits, Vegetables, Medical Crops

No.-2. Establishment of Kitchen and Nutrition Garden

No.-3. Organic Farming Fruits and Vegetables.

UPPSC Agriculture Services Food Preservation Officer Syllabus

No.-1.  Principles and Methods of Preservation of Fruits and Vegetables

No.-2. Harvest Management of Horticulture Crops

No.-3. Preparations of Jam, Jelly, Candy, Pickles and related items

No.-4. Importance of Foods Handling, Grading, Packaging

No.-5. Concepts of Canning Pasteurization

No.-6. Spoilage Agents

No.-7. Agricultural Export Zones and Industrial Support

No.-8. Fruit and Vegetable Vitamins

UPPSC Agriculture Services Senior Technical Assistant (Agronomy Branch) Syllabus

No.-1. Meaning and Scopes of Agricultural Meteorology, Atmospheric Weather

No.-2. Variety Development and Maintenance, Variety Testing, DUS Testing, Genetic Purity Concept

No.-3. Dry land agriculture and rain fed agriculture

No.-4. Sustainable farming

No.-5. Factors responsible for Genetic Deterioration

No.-6. Quality Seed Production Technology of Wheat, Paddy, Maize, rapeseed, mustard, Soybean, Sunflower etc.

UPPSC Agriculture Services Senior Technical Assistant (Plant Protector) Syllabus

No.-1. History and Importance of Plant Protection in India

No.-2. Plant Protection Organization in UP

No.-3. Principle of Pest Control

No.-4. Plant Protection Equipment

No.-5. Storage Pest of Cereals and Pulses

No.-6. Pest Management in Major Crop Serials

No.-7. General Principle of Plant Protection

No.-8. Principle Plant Infection and Methods of Isolation

No.-9. Principles of Plant Disease Control

No.-10.  Symptoms, Etiology, Transmission and Control of Important Disease of Cereals, Legumes, Fruits and Vegetable crops in reference to UP.

UPPSC Agriculture Services Senior Technical Assistant (Chemistry Branch) Syllabus

No.-1. Properties of Soil, Physical, Chemical and Biological

No.-2. Principles of soil fertility

No.-3. Micro and macro soil nutrients

No.-4. Processes and Factors of Soil Formation

No.-5. Sources and Forms of Nutrient Availability

No.-6. Soil Microbiology and Ecology

No.-7. Soil, Air and Water Pollution related to Agriculture

No.-8. Sources of Pollution

No.-9. Soil conservation and soil survey

No.-10. Dry land agriculture

No.-11. Conservation irrigation

No.-12. Agroforestry

No.-13. Gully control structures

UPPSC Agriculture Services Senior Technical Assistant (Botany Branch) Syllabus

No.-1. Historical Perspectives of Genetics and Plant Breeding

No.-2. Mendel’s Laws of Inheritance

No.-3. Chromosomal Theory of Inheritance

No.-4. Nature, Structure, Replication of the Genetic Material

No.-5. Molecular Mechanisms of Mutation

No.-6. Objectives, Activity, Important Achievements of Plant Breeding

No.-7. Biotechnology and its Relevance in Agriculture

No.-8. Pure line theory

No.-9. Protein synthesis

No.-10. Alien addition and substitution line

No.-11. Biotic and Abiotic Stress Resistance

No.-12. Soil Survey and Soil Conservations

No.-13. Dry Land Agriculture Measures for Dry Farming

UPPSC Agriculture Services Senior Technical Assistant (Development Branch) Syllabus

No.-1. Importance of Agrometeorology, Global Warming, Causes of Climate Change, Impact on Agriculture

No.-2. Integrated Farming System, Scopes and Importance

No.-3. Sustainable Agriculture Problems

No.-4. Roles of Animals Husbandry and Dairy Development in Rural Economy

No.-5. Packages and Practices

No.-6. Cereals, Rice, Wheat, Maizee, Jawar, Bajra

No.-7. Pulses, Gram, Lentil, Field Pea

No.-8. Cash Crops -Sugarcane, Potato

No.-9. Fruits-Mango, Guava, Amla etc.