BPSC Syllabus ( Prelims + Mains )

BPSC Syllabus :- The syllabus for the BPSC Prelims Exam is the same as that of the previous exams of the BPSC. It covers the aspects of General Science, Polity, Economy, History and the National Movement. The candidates have to go through the syllabus and prepare themselves well because the exam will have questions of a good standard. Here is a detailed syllabus of the BPSC Prelims Exam.

BPSC Syllabus in English

No.-1. General Science (General understanding of science, including matters of everyday observation and experience). The questions on Science and Tech will be such that they do not require subject specialization.

No.-2. Current Affairs of National/International importance

No.-3. History of India and Bihar (General understanding of the subject with the broad aspects of the history of Bihar)

No.-4. Geography of India and Bihar (Questions will relate to the physical, social and economic geography of the country including the main features of Indian agricultural and natural resources)

No.-5. General geography and geographical division of Bihar and its major river systems

No.-6. Indian polity (Questions will test knowledge on the country’s political system, Panchayati raj, community development and planning in India and Bihar)

No.-7. Indian economy and economy of Bihar post-independence

No.-8. Indian Movements and Contribution of Bihar in it (Question will relate to the nature and character of the 19th century resurgence, growth of nationalism and attainment of Independence with special reference to Bihar)

No.-9. Under Indian Economy and Polity, the questions will cover the following topics:

No.-10. Indian Political System

No.-11. Panchayati Raj

No.-12. Community Development

No.-13. Planning in India and Bihar

No.-14. Under Indian National Movement, candidates have to focus on the resurgence in the 19th century, nature and growth of nationalism in India, and India’s independence. Also, the role of Bihar in the Indian National Movement is important from the BPSC exam point of view

BPSC Syllabus 2021 for Mains Exam

BPSC mains syllabus for all 4 papers is discussed below.

No.-1. Qualifying Paper: General Hindi

No.-2. The paper of General Hindi will be qualifying in nature. The syllabus for the qualifying paper is of the level as that of Bihar School Education Board (BSEB). The paper will be of 100 marks and subjective in nature; and the distribution of the marks is as follows:

No.-3. Essay: 30 Marks

No.-4. Grammar: 30 Marks

No.-5. Syntax: 25 Marks

No.-6. Summarisation: 15 Marks

No.-7. Out of the 100 marks, candidates are required to secure the qualifying marks in the paper. For this qualifying paper, a good book of school standard is enough.

No.-8. General Studies Papers

Until now, every paper that the candidates have appeared is of qualifying nature. The BPSC Prelims Exam and the General Hindi paper are just qualifying in nature. These papers marks does not included in the merit lists. The actual BPSC exam starts now with the General Studies Papers and the Optional Paper. There are two Papers for the General Studies and one for the Optional. Each Paper carries 300 marks making the total marks from all these papers to be 900

General Studies 1General Studies 2
  1. Indian Culture
  2. Modern History of India
  3. Contemporary events of national and international importance
  4. Statistical Analysis, diagrams and graphs
  1. Indian (and Bihar) Polity
  2. Indian (and Bihar) Economy
  3. Indian (and Bihar) Geography
  4. Role and impact of Science and Technology in the development of India (and Bihar)

Syllabus of GS Paper 1

Modern History of India and Indian culture (History of the country with special reference to Bihar in the middle of 19th century, the introduction and expansion of western and technical education, Bihar’s role in the Indian freedom struggle, the Santhal Uprising in Bihar, Birsa movement, Champaran Satyagrah, the Quit India Movement, chief features of Mauryan and Pal art, Patna Qulam painting, Roles of Gandhi, Tagore and Nehru)

No.-1. Role of Bihar in the Indian National Movement

No.-2. Santhal uprising

No.-3. 1857 war of independence

No.-4. Champaran Satyagraha

No.-5. Quit India Movement 1942

No.-6. Statistical analysis, graphs and diagrams ( Questions to test the ability to draw conclusions from statistical, graphical or diagrammatical information and to point out deficiencies, limitations or inconsistencies)

Syllabus for GS Paper 2

No.-1. Indian Polity ( Questions based on the political system in India including Bihar)

No.-2. Indian economy and Geography of India (Questions on planning in India and the physical, economic and social geography of India and Bihar)

No.-3. The role and impact of science and technology in the development of India (Questions to test awareness of the role and impact of science and technology in India and Bihar with special reference to applied science.

No.-4. Optional Subjects

No.-5. In BPSC Mains, candidates have to select one optional subject out of 34 subjects. There will be only one optional subject exam for 300 marks and the questions will be of Honours Level (3-year course in Patna University.

Optional Subjects in BPSC Syllabus are

No.-1. English Language and Literature

No.-2. Urdu Language and Literature

No.-3. Hindi Language and Literature

No.-4. Persian Language and Literature

No.-5. Arabic Language and Literature

No.-6. Pali Language and Literature

No.-7. Maithili Language and Literature

No.-8. Bangla Language and Literature

No.-9. Sanskrit Language and Literature

No.-10. Chemistry

No.-11. Sociology

No.-12. Physics

No.-13. Agriculture

No.-14. Statistics

No.-15. Botany

No.-16. Zoology

No.-17. Philosophy

No.-18. Political Science and International Relations

No.-19. Psychology

No.-20. Public Administration

No.-21. Labour and Social Welfare

No.-22. Management

No.-23. Mathematics

No.-24. Mechanical Engineering

No.-25. Geography

No.-26. Geology

No.-27. History

No.-28. Law

No.-29. Civil Engineering

No.-30. Economics

No.-31. Commerce and Accountancy

No.-32. Electrical Engineering

No.-33. Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Science

No.-34. Anthropology

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